The architectural design of this building has been well integrated with the work carried out by our team, which has been able to express to the full its dedication and skill creating a complete interior design project down to the smallest detail.

To give more personality to the interiors of the villa making them suitable to its occupants style, a warm and natural touch has been added to the clean minimalistic style: the pure and minimal furnishings have been combined with wall and floor tiles which bring back to mind the earth and its strong texture.

Faetano Design Lab has taken care of every aspect:

  • Artistic management, preliminary and executive design, furniture and fabrics supply;
  • Coordination of plant engineers, bathroom and lighting design with light fittings, plasterboard design and mechanical ventilation system coordination;
  • Supply of floors, stoneware and stone cladding;
  • Preliminary and executive design as well as installation of the staircase made to measure;
  • Supply of sanitary ware, radiators and taps, shower trays and bathroom furniture, supply and installation of doors, sliding panels at full height, carpentry work, custom-made furniture.

Case details

Interior design, Art management, Coordination

Fabio Mazzi architetto

Furniture design

Virginia Fraternali interior designer, Fabio Mazzi architetto


September 30, 2019