Faetano design lab


If carried out with expertise, house renovation, perfectly expresses the soul and character of the person who lives there.

In today’s society, where paying attention to expenses is a must, it is advisable to renovate an existing building rather than starting with a new one; no limitation on style of expression or habits is imposed by achieving your dream home in this way.

If carried out by the right professionals, an interior designing project results in living spaces tailored to the needs of the person who commitions it.

House renovation is a major project that involves a number of factors in which meticulous care is required. Coordinating and managing all workers involved becomes a vital ability, starting from plumbers to interior decorators, a skill which only qualified professionals have.

Thanks to the skillful combination between plant engineering and room design as well as the synergy between furnishings and different materials, the home that every person dreams of in his or her life, becomes reality.

Faetano Design Lab, together with its own partners, designers and architects will walk your through the steps needed in achieving your home renovation, by designing and implementing your dream from A to Z, thanks to:

  • a single qualified interlocutor
  • compliance with scheduled times
  • adherence to the expenditure budget
  • no stress
Credits webit.it