Faetano design lab


Furnishing a home or office space is not merely a matter where practical necessities are addressed. Every home represents a person, his life history, character, style and habits. Furnishing a room implies a careful evaluation of the person, who relies on us for this particular task.

Before suggesting a furnishing idea to the customer, it is necessary to evaluate his expectations in terms of taste, perceived quality and budget.
The resulting project is tailor-made perfectly following the habits and needs of the person.

Taste and style differ according to each individual and it is extremely important for the customer to feel completely represented and at ease in his home or workplace. The furniture, together with the finishes and fabrics that surround it, will define the desired atmosphere in which to live.

Quality is one of the most important values for Faetano Design LAB. This word is often mentioned in a general or improper way by many; it is also true that quality requirements differ and must be measured on a case-by-case basis, analyzing all the characteristics that define a product.

The budget must be based on the previous aspects which in turn define the space style and quality level desired for your home.

Faetano Design Lab, together with its own partners, designers and architects offers a decade-long experience extremely valuable for your home or even just your room renovation, putting all expertize at your disposal and respecting your budget plan.

Credits webit.it